2020 Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference

Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference Poster

ECR Logic was delighted to participate in the 80th Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference (January 26-29, 2020), held this year in Springfield, Illinois. We were happy to find Springfield snow-free, which made the journey all the more enjoyable to interact with the many fish and wildlife professionals and students we encountered at the conference. We appreciate the many conference attendees who took the time to stop by our exhibit both and explore our GIS web and mobile app, ECR FieldPro.

Along with our Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin modules, we did a demo of our recently completed Illinois map module. We received lots of encouragement to make Indiana and Missouri the next states we build out, with interest from Kentucky and Ohio, as well! Which state would you like to see next?

A conference participant views a demo

Thank you to those who took the time to make a deep dive into our map application and think creatively about their current workflows. A common theme we heard is how integral GIS has become to support office and field endeavors in environmental sciences; yet, many GIS products are expensive and challenging to use. We think that ECR FieldPro has the potential to become a favorite tool in the toolbox, because it’s easy to integrate into current work and complementary to established GIS infrastructure. ECR FieldPro offers seamless, easy-to-implement offline data collection with access to an array of base and specialty map layers, including while in the field. Contact us today to start exploring new ways to be productive!

The ECR Logic Team
The ECR Logic team from right to left: John, Mary, Dan, and Elizabeth

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