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Streamlining Fieldwork through
Mobile Technology

The Problem

Our Solution

Users of scientific field data cannot readily gather all types of needed information from a single source. Collecting required contextual information typically requires research in multiple archives of paper documents and maps. In the best cases, accessing several websites to download data is needed. Geo-referencing, scaling, and manipulating these data can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

We are developing a multi-platform, mobile fieldwork application, which aggregates map data for field use to facilitate compliance investigations. Our mobile app reduces the total amount of time from project start to completion. This technology streamlines fieldwork and compliance reporting to help our clients obtain competitive contracts.

Reduce Pre-Field Research Time

Access our library of mobile map layers on site to assist in field methodology strategies
and decision-making.

Customize Your Experience

Choose the map layers you need on a project by project basis. Add your own shapefiles and notes to document your field methods and findings.

Streamline Compliance Reporting

Upload and sync projects on a secure server and share your project records and recommendations with your compliance partners.

Customer Discovery

ECR Logic is here to listen! We want to create products that best serve the needs of our colleagues across the environmental consulting spectrum.  We value your input!